SumoCon 2016: challenge completed

“But will it be worth it?” That was the € 2.000 question that was going through my head as I was looking at the screen of my computer after I had just received the email from the AppSumo team about SumoCon 2016 in Austin, Texas. I knew I wanted to go, that was never the problem. I love to travel, going to the US is always exciting and the idea of meeting and talking to Noah Kagan and some of the other insanely sharp and talented people on the speaker list was just too good to be true. But would it be worth it? Would I get over € 2.000 worth of value from this conference and would I ever be able to earn it all back from what I was going to learn there?

Achievement unlocked: 10.000 downloads

Several days ago, on Monday April 4th 2016, my ixudra/curl package made it to the 10.000 download mark and I could not be more excited about it. What started out as a small project of convenience has grown to become a healthy project that has helped out an incredible amount of people from all over the world. In this post, I take a look back at how I got to this point and a look forward as to what is yet to come.

About me

Jan Oris

My name is Jan Oris. I’m a studious PHP developer with soft spot for developing creative and innovative solutions for web-related problems. I try to use strong architectures and clean coding techniques as a solid foundation for all my work, supplemented with the latest web technologies to ensure the best possible result.