Rosen-Harwood LegalShare

Project Information

  • Client:Alchemist Branding
  • Type:Development
  • Demo: Click here

Project description

The Rosen-Harwood LegalShare project is an internal document management application that was set up for the Rosen-Harwood law firm in Tuscaloosa, Alabama USA. The application is currently used by over 20 lawyers and legal aids of different first to manage different accounts as well as clients and documents pertaining to these accounts.

The project was originally written in Laravel 4 by a third party but was transferred to Ixudra before development was complete due to issues with the original developer. Ixudra completed the project in accordance with the specifications set out by the customer. Once completed, Ixudra was contracted once again for the development of the second phase of the project, which was also completed successfully within budget.

Technology stack

  • Laravel 4
  • MySQL database
  • PHP 5.5
  • jQuery 2.*
  • Git