Core package

Project Information

Project description

The ixudra/core package consists of several features, components and base classes that continuously reoccur in all Ixudra projects. This package enables us to easily reuse these components and transfer knowledge and lessons learned into all our projects. This in turn allows for steady progress as our skills and preferences evolve.

This package is stable but is in constant development as new insights and knowledge is gathered. Though written for Laravel 5, the package is not limited to the framework. It is worth noting however that not all classes will be usable in a non-Laravel project.

The package is written under the MIT license and can be freely downloaded and integrated in any PHP web application using Composer. It is worth noting though that the package is created for my own specific workflow and may not integrate with your personal application perfectly.

Technology stack

  • Laravel 5
  • PHP 5.6
  • Git